Code for America

From 2015-2019, I worked as a designer at Code for America to improve digital public services for vulnerable populations. I worked on issues such as food assistance, healthcare, homelessness, accessibility, federal/state tax preparation, and access to city services.


I partnered with other designers and research to conduct user research studies to improve access for students, people experiencing homelessness, people with disabilities, non-english speaking communities, and community-based organizations. Many of these efforts involved collaboration with government and community partners to launch broader initiatives.

Service Design

Using qualitative and quantitative research, I put together journey maps, service blueprints, and pain point diagrams for the services we worked on. In addition to our web services, I helped to create and design other touch points such as government lobby material, back-end interfaces, postcard mailers, paper forms, and text message / email notifications.

Digital Product Design

As a designer, I led UX/UI design, copywriting, frontend development for projects I worked on. I also led efforts to create Code for America’s accessibility-forward design system.

Quantitative Experimentation

I collaborated with data scientists and engineers to design and run quantitative experiments that markedly improved the approval rate of our SNAP applications by removing key barriers in the user journey.

Design Leadership

As one of the first staff designers hired by the organization and lead designer on all of projects I worked on, I collaborated with other leaders in the organization to shape project strategy and OKRs. I helped mentor younger designers on my team and spearheaded organizational efforts around design systems, inclusive design, user research, UI copywriting, front-end best practices, and R&D. I gave talks and created installations during SF Design Week and the Code for America Summit Conference.