Mindshare is a mobile/web app that helps you discover what your friends love reading online. It is a continually evolving project between Lere Williams and myself.

The project was born out of the frustration that we spend more time sifting through junk than reading worthwhile articles and essays. Most current content sites generally rely on algorithms (Facebook Paper), community upvoting (Hacker News), or editorial curation (Bold Italic) in order to help their audience find articles they like reading. While these succeed to varying degrees, we believe there is an open space for a service dedicated to aggregating only articles that your friends have enjoyed.

My role on the project includes UX/UI design and front-end code including styling, templating, and client javascript.

Mindshare is built with Meteor, CoffeeScript, and Sass. It also includes a Chrome extension that allows users to easily share articles from the browser. Webfonts provided by Hoefler & Co.