Feats of Strength Brewing is a beer-making collaboration between Lere Williams, Greg Wahnon, and I. After brewing together for two years, we decided our beer and audience were finally deserving of something that looked more professional. Instead of simply slapping on a pretty label, I pushed for a more considered approach to define a brand that reflected ourselves and the way we brewed.


Taking inspiration from Cooper's Experience Workshop, we started off by jotting down as many concepts and words as we could think of when we thought of brand values. With a wall full of these ideas, we took votes on the ones that resonated with us, ones that we strongly disagreed with, and ones worth discussing. From there, we were able to create thematic groupings that we wanted to embody and wanted to stay away from. We found that the wall of of rejected ideas were just as informative at shaping the brand as the wall of approved ideas.

From there, I moved on choosing typography pairings, colors, and finally imagery and, from that, created three different design directions. We narrowed down to the direction we liked most and created physical prototypes of various layouts. The final choice was finalized and sent to printers.

The Result

The values we came up with were "made to share", "quintessentially modern but with a nod to tradition", "restrained", and "scientific precision". Values to stay away from were "trendy", "farm to table", "sterile", and "audacious". Typefaces Brandon Text and Caslon were chosen to provide the contrast between modern and traditional. Brandon Text, being a geometic typface also spoke precision and science. A lighter color palette was choosen to make the design feel warm and approachable. The use of historical woodcut brewing illustrations in the background gives the label a textural complexity and a clear nod the tradition of brewing.