Jazz Brewing

Jazz was born out of a frustration of the current available of brewing software out there. As with many niche markets, the leading software was developed by a passionate individual but lacked the technical or design expertise to build a product with a great experience. It serves many homebrewers well but we asked ourselves - what would a well crafted and modern brewing product look like?

Jazz is an ongoing project between Lere Williams, Greg Wahnon, and I.


"People don't want drills. They want holes" is a great quote I once heard. Instead of focusing on the software, I first set out to understand what brewers were trying to do. I interviewed a couple of fellow homebrewers to seek and understand the different steps of brewing and the frustrations they had at each step. I found that brewing starts way before the actual brewing - it starts with getting inspiration and trying to figure out what ingredients were available to them and goes all the way to evaluation and taking notes on the beer after its finished. With an understanding of the landscape, we set up to brainstorm different ways in which technology could help with each stage of the process. We then worked to scope a feature set for an MVP. From there, I started working on wireframes and user flows. High fidelity mockups were created and used to guide the development of the software.

We are currently in the process of developing an MVP which we can then bring out users at homebrewer club meetings to test. Their feedback will continue to be incorporated into our thinking.

Recipe Design View
Recipe Dashboard
Modal for choosing grains
Overall User Flow