Poptip Viewer

At Inkling I built web tools in my spare time to solve problems. Working on dozens of book over the first year, I began to wonder whether I could do anything to make the process easier for other team members. What started off as hacking projects ended up becoming incredibly useful tools still used in the company today.

One day, I was watching an editor proof content within glossary poptips. To do so, she scrolled through every page of the book tapping on each term to check if the definition matched. I watched her do this day in and day out and I thought there must be a better way. I spent the a couple of days prototyping a tool that visualized every poptip in the book next to the term that it was associated with. This transformed a task that took an entire day to something that took an hour. This feature was so useful that it was eventually incorporated into Habitat.

A screenshot of Poptip Viewer. All of the poptips in a title would be collated onto a single screen and organized by chapter for easy proofing.