Gilroy's Atlas of Anatomy

My role as a designer at Inkling was to translate a diverse range of complex print layouts to responsive web layouts that accurately captured the intent of the content. Working with media rich text allowed me to refine my typography skills in establishing type hierachies, balanced page templates, and flexible grid structures. Our continual goal was the push the envelope of what beautiful digital content could be.

While most textbooks were straightforward to design, Gilroy's Atlas of Anatomy presented unique challenges because this book was made entirely of images laid out on large format pages. Talking with the publisher, we realized that the ability to compare images and tables on the same print spread was crucial to the function of the atlas. As the design lead for this project, I focused on three main usability points:

  • reduce the visual noise as much as possible to let the images speak for themselves.
  • allow for comparision of images at different levels
  • utilize the interactivity of digital media to help students gain comprehension of the material.